Chile: Indigenous News Briefs for August 26, 2010

Below are links to the various indigenous news stories that were published online in Chile on August 26, 2010.

Piñera in Temuco

President Piñera, while in Temuco, discussed his plan for theAraucanía Region, which will include an investment in the region of millions of dollars (U.S.), and will also include, in his words, “un acuerdo histórico donde está el reconocimiento constitucional a nuestros pueblos originarios” (a historic agreement where there is constitutional recognition of our indigenous peoples). However, despite being nearby the Mapuche political prisoners, Piñera made no mention of them (as reported this morning, for example, here), but did call for an end to the ongoing Mapuche conflict.

Mapuche Hunger Strike

The relatives of the Mapuche political prisoners released a statement found here, while El Clarín de Chile ran the thoughts of one particular relative. Additionally,there was a brief article in which the prisoners call the recent court decisions a “political intervention,” and call for the rights of ILO 169 to be respected.

Esteban Beltrán, the director of Amnesty International in Spain, had been in Santiago to promote his book, but also discussed the Mapuche’s rights as well as the reproductive rights of women.

Rapa Nui Working Group Created

As posted here, La Nación reported that a working group was created to handle the various issues recently raised by the Rapa Nui.

Lafkenche Craft Store Opened

The Minister of Agriculture was present for the opening of a craft store, which represents the collaboration of several organizations and features work made by Lafkenche women.

See the articles linked in this story and additional Indigenous headlines by clicking here (updated daily).

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