Chile: Indigenous News Briefs for August 27, 2010

Below are links to the various indigenous news stories that were published online in Chile on August 27, 2010.

Two Mapuche Prisoners Taken to Hospitals

Early in the day there was an article about the health of the prisoners, which also included a statement by a prison official stating that the application to the courts for the right to force feed the prisoners and give them medical treatment is necessary because the system cannot be complicit in the death of a prisoner. Later in the day two political prisoners, Elvis Millan and Huaiquilaf Cadin, were taken to hospitals and treated–articles about their health and treatment can be found here, here, here, here, and here. It was also reported that these two individuals were eventually returned to their respective prisons.

Human Rights Institutions, Politicians and Others Criticize Treatment of Mapuche Prisoners

Amnesty International sent a letter to the Chilean government calling for the government to stop applying the Antiterrorism Law to the Mapuche.  Coverage on Amnesty International’s letter can be found here, here, and here.  In addition, the International Federation of Human Rights (la Federación Internacional de Derechos Humanos), and its member organizations in Chile, the Corporation for the Promotion and Defense of Peoples’ Rights (la Corporación de Promoción y Defensa de los Derechos del Pueblo), and the Citizen’s Observatory (Observatorio Ciudadano) called on the Chilean government to respond to the Mapuche prisoners’ demands.

Senator Quintana visited the Mapuche political prisoners in Angol and then asked President Piñera to have a round-table so that the Mapuches’ demands can be discussed. This request mirrors the one made by the Catholic Church which also called for a round-table on the issue.

The Chilean Journalist Association accused the media of ignoring the situation of the Mapuche political prisoners.  An accusation supported by this article, and this one in English, which point out that President Piñera said nothing about the situation while in Temuco yesterday (where many of the prisoners were being held).

Mapuche Prisoners and Their Families Speak Out

The Mapuche political prisoners released a letter on Friday, urging support and solidarity.  There was also a longer interview with one of the prisoners, Hector Llaitul.  In addition, the prisoners’ families are calling for another day of mobilization.

New Documentary

A documentary co-produced by the Bicentennial Project of Channel 13 in Chile will retrace the period of 1878-1900 in Chile, when members of three indigenous groups–Tehuelche, Kawashkar, and Selk’nam–were shipped to Europe for exhibition. The initial showing will be to an audience of Kawashkar on September 23, and afterwords a version of the documentary will appear on Chilean television.

Rapa Nui Working Group

As originally reported by La Nación, and again at here, a working group to resolve issues raised by the Rapa Nui was created. This article, which is in English, mentions that the working group has 60 days to resolve the issues raised.

See the articles linked in this story and additional Indigenous headlines by clicking here (updated daily).

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