Rapa Nui Present Demands to Piñera

At noon on Monday, representatives of 36 Rapa Nui clans sent a letter to President Piñera calling for the return of their ancestral lands, which they claim were usurped by the government without compensation. The letter was delivered by Alfonso Rapu, spokesperson for the groups and the first elected Mayor of the island in 1966.

In addition to calling for the complete return of Rapa Nui’s lands, the letter also asked for restitution to cover the economic and moral damages perpetrated by the Chilean government against the Rapa Nui people.  More specifically, the correspondence requested that President Piñera come to the island to deal with the land issue quickly so that the island can return to normal.  Additionally, there were requests for the power to regulate the growing immigration problem on the island, as well as for  a television station so that the Chilean people can better get to know the Rapa Nui people.

Thus far, there has been no response from La Moneda.

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