Government Official Responds to Letter from Rapa Nui

On Monday, Rapa Nui representatives involved with the land takeovers on the island, presented a letter to President Sebastián Piñera. While the Moneda has not responded to the letter, Raúl Celis, the regional intendant apparently coordinating the government response, did comment on the issues set forth in the letter.

Celis reiterated that the authors of the letter are only self-appointed family spokespeople, and thus not representative of those living on the island. Celis stated that the government has instead been working with elected island council members as well as the Easter Island Development Commission (Comisión de Desarrollo de la Isla de Pascua). Additionally, he characterized the letter as a tactic to delay the government’s work. In that regard, the government has formed four working groups on the central issues at stake: migration; the special statute for Easter Island; land rights; and development plans.

Based on an order from the Public Ministry, police forced demonstrators to vacate lands being used by government offices of the National Service for Minors (Servicio Nacional de Menores). Two individuals were detained on arrest warrants.

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