Aymara Acquire Water Rights

According to a report in Diario El Nortino, the National Corporation for Indigenous Development (CONADI) in collaboration with the Department of Desert Agriculture and Biotechnology at the Universidad Arturo Prat had a ceremony yesterday to present 56 water use titles to indigenous communities. The article does not specify which communities–or even which indigenous peoples–were involved, however, given the location in the Tarapacá Region (Region I), the communities involved were almost certainly Aymara as, according to the Chilean government, nearly 80% of the indigenous population in that region is Aymara.

The article goes on to indicate that this presentation of rights is part of Chile’s ongoing commitment to regularize rights for Indigenous peoples on their ancestral lands, and also serves to create legal certainty over water rights in the area.  The Director of the Department of Desert Agriculture and Biotechnology, who has been advising CONADI in the region for 7 years, stated that the project is not limited to the granting of rights, but is also focused on protecting those rights from future claims.

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