Senate Approves Modifications to Military Justice Code; Passes to House for Final Debate

On Wednesday, the Senate unanimously approved modifications to the Military Justice Code that will require civilians to be tried in ordinary courts. The trial of civilians in military tribunals was a central issue in the hunger strike carried out by Mapuche political prisoners, and modifications to the Military Justice Code were a part of the agreement which led to the majority of Mapuche prisoners ending their hunger strike.

The legislation originated in the lower house of Congress at the beginning of September, and while the Senate approved the version it received from the House, it also added a provision establishing that minors who enter into military schools will be judged according to Adolescent Criminal Responsibility law. The reforms will now return to the lower house for further debate.

Related documents available for download:

Reforms passed by the House on September 30.

Modifications passed by the Senate on October 6.

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