Aymara Group Responds to Proposed Mining

On November 14, the Coordinadora Aymara de Defensa de los Recursos Naturales (Aymara Coordination for Natural Resource Defense) issued a declaration concerning proponed mining activities in northern Chile, and particularly the lack of consultation with Indigenous peoples.

At issue is the Exploración Minera Proyecto Catanave, a mine project in the Arica-Parinacota Region. With regard to the consultation issue related to the opening of this mining, the Coordinadora Aymara directly responded in its declaration to statements made by two State officials who claim that consultation in compliance with ILO 169 has taken place through citizen participation mechanisms that are a part of required environmental impact studies. The Coordinadora rejects this position of the government, and explains that the two citizen  participation meetings fail to qualify as anything more than mere information meetings. In support of its position, the Coordinadora highlights precedent from the Constitutional Court related to the right of consultation enshrined in ILO 169.

Documents: Original Declaration from the Coordinadora Aymara (in Spanish).

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