Argentina: Qom (Toba) and Government Agree to Hold Round Table Discussions

On May 2nd, Argentina’s Minister of the Interior, Florencio Randazzo, and Qom Community leader Félix Díaz met for six hours to discuss the Community’s ongoing protests and hunger strike over various issues — most notably those related to land in the Formosa Region. Ultimately, the two sides signed an agreement to hold round table discussions beginning this Monday (May 9th).

At the round tables, all issues will be eligible for discussion, but the issues of land and the security of the Community are the main reasons for the dialogues. Specifically, with respect to security, the Qom Community wants the Argentine Government to comply with the ruling of the Human Rights Commission (OAS), which states that the Government must take steps to protect the physical integrity of the Community. In order to accomplish these goals, meetings will take place every 15 days and will include a variety of governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Minister Randazzo said the interaction was a positive one. He indicated that Mr. Díaz signed the agreement and will be responsible for explaining the details of it to his community. He went on to state that he hopes that the agreement will mean the end to the camps of protestors that have been in the capital for over five months.

Félix Díaz — the leader of the Qom Community — also stated that the talks were positive and that they covered many issues. As he put it, “The dialogue was very positive, now let’s work together to deal with the land and social issues.”

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