Appellate Court Rules that Mapuches on Hunger Strike can be Force Fed

On Wednesday, May 4th, the Appellate Court in Temuco upheld an order of protection that would allow four Mapuche prisoners who are currently on a hunger strike to receive medical care and be force fed in the event of an emergency. The application was made by the prison in Angol where the prisoners are being held. Thus far the four Mapuche have neither been force fed, nor taken to the hospital.

The prisoners mentioned in the application are four Mapuche individuals — Jonathan Sady Huillica, José Huenuche Reiman, Ramón Llanquileo Pilquimán, and Héctor Llaitul Carrillanca — who began a hunger strike more than 50 days ago. They began striking after being convicted of armed robbery and attempted murder in a proceeding that they claim violated their due process rights. The four individuals have appealed the verdict and sentencing they received to the Chilean Supreme Court who, earlier today (May 5th), scheduled a hearing on the matter for May 12th.

The spokesperson for the Mapuche responded to the judgement by stating that the prisoners are in no condition to resist being taken to a hospital, but that regardless of whether they are hospitalized or not, they will attempt to continue their strike as a sign of protest.

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