Twenty-Seven Mapuche Communities Sign Agreement to Export Agricultural Products

Today, it was reported that, Kiñe wun lof Mapu, an Indigenous association comprised of more than 1500 small Mapuche agricultural producers from 27 different Mapuche communities, signed an agreement with the corporation, Socomal. The agreement included an investment of nearly US$ 400,000 in helping the Mapuche producers get trained and develop more than 2,400 acres of land for the production of beans and lupins. Ultimately, those goods will be sold at market prices and shipped globally — including to Europe and the Middle East.

Remigio Huenolaf, the spokesperson for Kiñe wun lof Mapu, discussed the steps necessary to reaching this agreement, “We are working in an organized manner and establishing alliances based on the principle of trust between leaders, associations and entrepreneurs.” Huenolaf later added, “Maybe this agreement is a small step, but it is the beginning of a new life for families in this area.”

On the other side of the agreement was Patricia Cuevas, the owner of Socomal and businesswoman from Temuco. She too, expressed her hopes for improving the quality of life in the area. “I started working with the Mapuche communities and we have helped out one another. The most important thing is that they make progress, improve their homes, lands and the quality of life for their families.”

In addition to individuals from Kiñe wun lof Mapu and Socomal, the National Director of CONADI, Jorge Retamal, attended the signing of the agreement as well. He indicated that he was proud of the agreement and indicated, “We are seeing more examples like this one, where the Government, private sector and communities work hand in hand for the welfare of the Mapuche people.”

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