Argentina: 400 Hectares Returned to Mapuche Community

On Wednesday, November 30th, Argentina’s Congress passed a law that will return 400 hectares of land to the Mapuche community of Curruhuinca, located in the Neuquén province. The law will result in the transfer of lands from the Lanín National Park to the Mapuche people. A portion of this land will be used to develop an intercultural neighborhood, which will include an intercultural hospital and school.

According to the reports, the Mapuche community of Curruhuinca brought their land claim to the government’s attention seven years ago. By 2008, the Argentinian Senate was working on legislation to resolve the matter. Ultimately, the vote took place on Wednesday and passed with 149 votes in favor of the bill (there were also two votes against, as well as nine abstentions).

The bill will return 400 hectares to the Mapuche community, but approximately 110 hectares of that amount will be used to develop an intercultural neighborhood. This neighborhood will consist of 2500 homes and will be environmentally sustainable. Additionally, a portion of the land will remain under municipal control for purposes of running an intercultural hospital and school.

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