Rapa Nui Land Case Loses at Chile’s Supreme Court

The Chilean Supreme Court unanimously rejected arguments made by the Hito clan of the Rapa Nui people in a case about lands on Easter Island. The Hito clan has been trying for years to regain control over a parcel of land that was traditionally in their possession, but that currently is the site for the Hotel Hanga Roa — a luxury hotel on the Island. The Supreme Court’s rejection included statements that, in 1888, all inhabitants on Easter Island became illegal squatters; that the land in question was legally transferred from ancestors of the Hito clan to non-indigenous people; and that the land in question no longer qualifies as “indigenous land” within the meaning of the law, thus special protections are unnecessary. A spokesperson for the Hito clan has indicated that they will continue to fight for their land rights in the political arena. The option of approaching international tribunals also remains open.

The land claim in question has a long history that includes peaceful protests and police violence. Below is a rough timeline of the major events as covered by IndigenousNews.org.

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