Indigenous Poverty Rate Nearly Double That of Non-Indigenous People in Chile

According to data released this month by the United Nations’ Development Program, equality is lacking between indigenous and non-indigenous populations when it comes to poverty, employment opportunities and education. The information comes from a new U.N. report entitled, “State Measurement of Development Objectives in Indigenous Populations in Chile” and highlights areas of inequality.

Specifically, the data collected indicated that the poverty rate of indigenous people in Chile is at approximately 2.7%, which is nearly double that of non-indigenous people (1.4%). Likewise, indigenous people are less likely to have access to formal employment and are more than 10% less likely to graduate from secondary education (essentially high school) — indigenous peoples graduate at a rate of 73.7% compared to a rate of 82.1% for the non-indigenous population. When only women are examined the education statistics become somewhat worse. Indigenous women in rural areas graduate at a rate approximately ten percentage points lower than non-indigenous women, but in urban areas that number doubles, meaning indigenous women in those areas graduate at a rate approximately 20% lower than similarly situated non-indigenous women.

The U.N. Development Program is expected to release the full results sometime this month.

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