Barrick Gold Asks Chilean Court to Reconsider Mine Stoppage from Diaguita Communities’ Lawsuit

According to Radio Universidad de Chile, one week after the Chilean appellate court in Copiapó sided with several Diaguita communities and granted an injunction to halt all action at the Pascua Lama mine (owned by Barrick Gold), the mining company filed a motion to ask the court to reconsider its injunction. The court will decide whether to accept or deny the request to reconsider in the next few days. The Diaguita communities’ lawyer, Alex Quevedo, said Barrick Gold’s request was an unusually rare maneuver and “lacked substance”.

Barrick Gold has acted outside the courtroom as well. One week after Chilean courts found that Barrick Gold was not adhering to environmental regulations and shut down their operation in Chile, the company brought in two high-profile mining executives to help get the project back on track. The court decision wasn’t the only reason for the leadership change — the Pascua Lama mine was already more than US$5 billion over its projected budget and more than six months behind schedule for producing ore. The court’s decision seemed to exacerbate the problems Barrick Gold has been having with its project and the company’s stock dropped more than 5% on the day the decision was announced and was being traded at its lowest rate in over a year.

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