Argentina: Tonocoté Violently Evicted from Land then Offerred New Housing

On Friday, May 24th, approximately twenty-three Tonocoté families — located in north-central Argentina — were violently evicted from their community of more than 200 years. According to news reports, dozens of police mounted on horseback used rubber bullets, tear gas, and dogs to force the Tonocoté people out of their community. Once the people were free from the area, the land was quickly bulldozed in preparation for a real estate development that will allegedly be put on the land. The eviction drew the ire of many human rights organizations, including Greenpeace who “condemned” the “illegal” eviction.

Just three days after the violent eviction, on Monday, May 27th, at least seventeen of the evicted Tonocoté families reached an agreement with the Argentinian government for new housing. Specifically, the agreement was to place the families in the same general area, provide them with shelter, a community building and fencing. This new agreement also promised to give the community title to their land. The agreement was signed by representatives of the Tonocoté people, the National Institute of Indigenous Affairs, and the provincial human rights secretary.

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