Barrick Gold Admits Wrongdoing; Diaguita Communities Seek Revocation of License

Barrick Gold, owner of the Pascua Lama mine that spans the Chile-Argentina border, appeared in front of a Chilean court again on Monday, August 26th. This time, however, the multi-billion dollar corporation admitted that it had violated  environmental regulations in the construction of its mining operation. The admission comes four months after a group of Diaguita communities successfully won a court case against the corporation and effectively shut down their operations.

Barrick Gold appears to want to move forward after the recent set-backs in Chilean courts. An attorney for the gold mining company publicly asked that the lower court decision (which found in favor of the Diaguita communities) be upheld “not because it is in the best interest of the corporation,” but because the corporation violated the law and should be held accountable. The attorney also added that the company has submitted new proposed plans to protect the environment and hope to have the mine operational by 2016.

In response, the Diaguita communities have continued to argue that Barrick Gold’s license should be revoked for its failure to comply with environmental regulations.’s past coverage of the case can be found below:

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