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Argentina: Pope Francis Meets with Qom (Toba) Leader

On Monday, June 24, 2013, Pope Francis spent 45 minutes meeting and talking with the leader of the Qom community, Félix Diaz about his community’s struggles to have their rights recognized. During the interaction, Diaz discussed the plight of his people and the unwillingness of both the local and national governments to engage in dialogue with the Qom about their land rights. Additionally, according to Diaz, the Qom leader made certain to spend some time discussing the challenges that all Indigenous peoples throughout Argentina and Latin America face so that the Pope could better understand Indigenous struggles. Continue reading

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Amnesty International’s 2013 Report Comments on Indigenous Situations in Argentina, Chile and Paraguay

On Wednesday, May 22nd, Amnesty International released its annual report entitled, Amnesty International Report 2013: The State of the World’s Human Rights. Within it is a wealth of information on global human rights in the form of short summaries of major events that have taken place in each country around the world. With respect to the Southern Cone, the report discusses the condition of human rights for indigenous peoples in Argentina, Chile and Paraguay. Those portions related to indigenous peoples are reprinted below. Continue reading

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Argentina: Qom Community (Toba) Goes to Supreme Court Amidst Violent Protests and Accusations of Police Brutality

On May 22, 2013 the Qom (or Toba) people of Argentina were granted a hearing at Argentina’s Supreme Court to discuss their ongoing land dispute. For years, the Qom have tried to get the Argentinian government to recognize their land rights in the province of Formosa, along the Paraguay border. The Qom community’s efforts have included round table meetings with government officials, protests, encampment in Buenos Aires, among other strategies. Oftentimes, these protests have ended in violence as was the alleged case on May 22nd, when reports that more than 50 Qom had been injured by police and more than 100 had been arrested. Continue reading

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UN Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Asks Argentina to Stop Evicting Indigenous Peoples

On Tuesday, September 18th, James Anaya, the United Nation’s Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples delivered his annual statement to the Human Rights Council. During his statement, Anaya spoke specifically about indigenous peoples in Argentina and asked the government to stop evicting them from their lands. Anaya’s statements were based on an official visit he took to Argentina on November 27 – December 7, 2011. Continue reading

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Amnesty International Highlights Indigenous Situation in Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay

On Thursday, May 24th, Amnesty International released its annual report entitled, “The State of the World’s Human Rights.” The document, which is more than 400 pages long, highlights major global human rights issues and then examines the human rights situation country-by-country. Indigenous peoples’ rights are discussed in the context of 14 different country reports, including: Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay. Below is a summary of what Amnesty International had to say about indigenous rights in each of those countries. If you’d like to review the entire document, you can download the entire English version here. Continue reading

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Argentina: Two Police Officers Arrested for Murder of Toba (Qom) Man

On November 23, 2010 a violent clash broke out between the Toba people and police forces near the town of Laguna Blanca. That incident resulted in the death of two individuals — one Toba man and one police officer. On Monday, September 5th, Judge Santos Gabriel Garzón ordered the arrest of two police officers and charged two Toba individuals for their respective roles in that incident. The two officers were charged with murder of the Toba man, while the two Toba men were charged with lesser crimes. Continue reading

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Argentina: Qom (Toba) and Government Agree to Hold Round Table Discussions

On May 2nd, Argentina’s Minister of the Interior, Florencio Randazzo, and Qom Community leader Félix Díaz met for six hours to discuss the Community’s ongoing protests and hunger strike over various issues — most notably those related to land in the Formosa Region. Ultimately, the two sides signed an agreement to hold round table discussions beginning this Monday (May 9th). Continue reading

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Argentina: Government Evicts Qom (Toba) Protestors; Agrees to Meet with Community

On Saturday, April 30th, 2011, the Argentine Government (through its police) presented a legal notice to the Qom community members who had been blocking traffic in Buenos Aires for five days. The legal notice stated that the protestors needed to cease camping in the road if they wanted the Government to discuss any issues with them. The protestors complied with the order peacefully and hope to open a dialogue with the Government soon. Continue reading

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Argentina: Qom Community (Toba) Begin Hunger Strike, Stop Traffic

On Monday, April 25th, at least fifteen members of the Qom community (of the Toba people) began a hunger strike in Buenos Aires because, they claim, the Argentine Government has not upheld promises it has made in the past, largely related to land. In addition to the hunger strike, more than 150 community members along with other supporters have been protesting and blocking traffic at an intersection in the capital city for the past four days. Joining the demonstrators in their claims is a growing chorus of support both nationally and internationally. Continue reading

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