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Chile’s “Official” Indigenous Population More than Doubles with New Census Results

Last week, the Chilean government released the results of its 2012 Census efforts. The data collected on Indigenous peoples living in Chile for the Census was substantial. Specifically, the information collected indicated that there are more than 1.7 million people living in Chile who identify as Indigenous. As a percentage of the population, Indigenous people living in Chile now officially account for over 10% of the total population with more than 1/3 of all Indigenous peoples living in the nation’s capital, Santiago.  Both the raw number of Indigenous people and the percentage of the total population numbers are substantially higher than those collected in 2002. Continue reading

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Chilean Senate Urges Executive Branch to Consult with Aymara, Kawashkar Peoples

According to a Chilean Senate press release dated January 6th, the Senate has voted twice in recent days to request the President to consult with specific Indigenous communities within Chile. One vote requested that the President consult with the Kawashkar people over coastal zoning that is to take place in and around their community, and the other vote related to various environmental regulations that could affect water rights and land use for some Aymara communities. The votes are the topic of our latest column for I Love Chile News, which can be read here.

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Kawashkar People Sign Historic Agreement to Save Their Culture

Earlier this month, on September 8th, the Kawashkar people of Chile signed an agreement with CONADI (Chile’s Indigenous development corporation) and the Universidad de Magallanes with the goal of saving their culture from extinction. According to the 2002 Chilean Census, there are approximately 2,600 individuals who identify as Kawashkar in Chile, but of those only 24 are considered full-blooded Kawashkar and only 9 are fluent in their traditional language. According to the reports, the idea for the agreement originated with the Kawashkar people who feared their culture, language and traditions would be lost forever if action was not taken quickly. Continue reading

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Chile: Indigenous News Briefs for August 27, 2010

Below are links to the various indigenous news stories that were published online in Chile on August 27, 2010. Continue reading

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