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Amnesty International’s 2013 Report Comments on Indigenous Situations in Argentina, Chile and Paraguay

On Wednesday, May 22nd, Amnesty International released its annual report entitled, Amnesty International Report 2013: The State of the World’s Human Rights. Within it is a wealth of information on global human rights in the form of short summaries of major events that have taken place in each country around the world. With respect to the Southern Cone, the report discusses the condition of human rights for indigenous peoples in Argentina, Chile and Paraguay. Those portions related to indigenous peoples are reprinted below. Continue reading

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Amnesty International Highlights Indigenous Situation in Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay

On Thursday, May 24th, Amnesty International released its annual report entitled, “The State of the World’s Human Rights.” The document, which is more than 400 pages long, highlights major global human rights issues and then examines the human rights situation country-by-country. Indigenous peoples’ rights are discussed in the context of 14 different country reports, including: Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay. Below is a summary of what Amnesty International had to say about indigenous rights in each of those countries. If you’d like to review the entire document, you can download the entire English version here. Continue reading

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Major Indigenous Rights Attorney to Take Control of Pargauay’s Indigenous Affairs Office

On Monday, December 5th, after months of pressure from various Indigenous communities throughout Paraguay, Lida Acuña resigned from her post as President of Paraguay’s Instituto Paraguayo del Indígena (INDI) — the Paraguayan government’s main organization for handling Indigenous affairs. On December 9th, it was officially announced that Óscar Ayala will succeed Acuña at that position. Ayala is a major human rights attorney who helped represent at least four different Indigenous communities in front of the Organization of American States (OAS) and who helped win major land settlements for the communities in those cases. Continue reading

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Paraguay Transfers an Additional 1,000 Hectares to Kelyenmagategma Community (Enxet)

The Paraguayan government announced on Wednesday, December 7th, that they had reached an agreement with the Kelyenmagategma Indigenous community whereby 1,000 hectares (2,471 acres) of land will be transferred to the Community. The land is in addition to the 8,748 hectares (more than 21,600 hectares) that were returned to the Community in August of this year. In addition to lands, the Paraguayan government also announced that it would be assisting the Kelyenmagategma community with agricultural projects during the coming year as well. Continue reading

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Paraguay: Aché Community Defends Their Traditional Lands with Bows and Arrows

On Tuesday, October 11th, members from the Aché community of Chupa Pou sent individuals armed with bows and arrows into a 2,000-hectare (nearly 5,000 acres) area to defend it from Brazilian farmers who were on the land. The Chupa Pou community not only claims the land as their traditional territory, but that in 2007 the Paraguayan government — after a struggle of many years — purchased the land for the Aché people, thus giving them legal title as well. Although there were no reports of bloodshed, the Community’s maneuver did successfully get 250 Brazilian farmers to leave the area, although they told the media that they would return. Continue reading

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Paraguay: Exnet Community to Receive More Than 14,000 Hectares of Land

On Thursday, September 15th, the Sawhoyamaxa community of the Exnet people signed an agreement with the Paraguayan government and several corporations to begin the process of delivering more than 14,400 hectares (35,500 acres) of traditional land back to the Community. The agreement comes five years after the Sawhoyamaxa community won their case in front of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (part of the Organization of American States). The Court, in that case, ordered the Paraguayan government to restore the Community’s traditional lands and also ordered monetary compensation for the death of 19 community members. The agreement was made public on September 20th. Continue reading

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Survival International: Uncontacted Ayoreo People Threatened Because Paraguayan Government “Held to Ransom”

On August 23rd, Survival International’s director, Stephen Corry, went on record to condemn the fact that Paraguay’s last uncontacted Indigenous group – the Totobiegosode people (a sub-group of the Ayoreo people) — are at risk because corporate cattle ranchers are disregarding orders to stop deforestation. Specifically, two beef companies, BBC S.A and River Plate S.A, have been caught illegally clearing land twice this year alone. Despite fines levied against them in June, and orders to halt clearing any land, Survival International reports that the companies have started illegal deforestation yet again. Many Ayoreo people are at risk of losing their land and homes, but of particular concern are the Totobiegosode people who want no contact from the outside world — a wish their other Ayoreo relatives are trying to protect. Continue reading

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Paraguay Returns 8,700 Hectares of Land to Enxet People

On August 3, 2011 the Paraguayan government transferred 8,748 hectares (approximately 21,600 acre) of land to the Kelyenmagategma community of the Enxet people. The transfer of land was a direct response to a petition filed with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights in 2004 and, in fact, the President of the Commission, Dinah Shelton, was present when the transfer took place. According to Tierraviva para los Pueblos Indígenas del Chaco, the organization that originally filed the position, the community had been fighting for their land rights for more than a decade. Continue reading

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“Imminent Threat” to Last Remaining Uncontacted Indigenous Group in Paraguay

On Wednesday, August 10th, Survival International reported to the United Nation’s Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) that the only remaining uncontacted people in Paraguay — the Totobiegosode people (a sub-group of the Ayoreo people) — are in imminent danger. Specifically, the Totobiegosode are being systematically removed from the Chaco forest where they live so that the land can be used for cattle grazing. The destruction of their land, however, is occurring illegally. Specifically, Survival International reports that two Brazilian companies — BBC S.A and River Plate S.A. — are responsible not only for the deforestation, but for bringing diseases into the area that represent a serious threat to the indigenous inhabitants. Continue reading

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Paraguay: 250 Avá Guaraní Individuals in Asunción Demanding Recognition of Lands

Approximately 250 men, women and children from eight different Avá Guaraní communities set-up camp in a plaza in Asunción to demand that the Paraguayan Government recognize their traditional lands. Specifically, the individuals are there seeking title to 600 hectares (nearly 1,500 acres) of land in the community of Yva Poty, in the Department (Region) of Canindeyú. The Avá Guaraní communities contend that the land in question, which is on the Brazilian border, is being utilized by Brazilian soy producers. Continue reading

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