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Paraguay: Aché Community Defends Their Traditional Lands with Bows and Arrows

On Tuesday, October 11th, members from the Aché community of Chupa Pou sent individuals armed with bows and arrows into a 2,000-hectare (nearly 5,000 acres) area to defend it from Brazilian farmers who were on the land. The Chupa Pou community not only claims the land as their traditional territory, but that in 2007 the Paraguayan government — after a struggle of many years — purchased the land for the Aché people, thus giving them legal title as well. Although there were no reports of bloodshed, the Community’s maneuver did successfully get 250 Brazilian farmers to leave the area, although they told the media that they would return. Continue reading

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Paraguay: 250 Avá Guaraní Individuals in Asunción Demanding Recognition of Lands

Approximately 250 men, women and children from eight different Avá Guaraní communities set-up camp in a plaza in Asunción to demand that the Paraguayan Government recognize their traditional lands. Specifically, the individuals are there seeking title to 600 hectares (nearly 1,500 acres) of land in the community of Yva Poty, in the Department (Region) of Canindeyú. The Avá Guaraní communities contend that the land in question, which is on the Brazilian border, is being utilized by Brazilian soy producers. Continue reading

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