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Survival International: Uncontacted Ayoreo People Threatened Because Paraguayan Government “Held to Ransom”

On August 23rd, Survival International’s director, Stephen Corry, went on record to condemn the fact that Paraguay’s last uncontacted Indigenous group – the Totobiegosode people (a sub-group of the Ayoreo people) — are at risk because corporate cattle ranchers are disregarding orders to stop deforestation. Specifically, two beef companies, BBC S.A and River Plate S.A, have been caught illegally clearing land twice this year alone. Despite fines levied against them in June, and orders to halt clearing any land, Survival International reports that the companies have started illegal deforestation yet again. Many Ayoreo people are at risk of losing their land and homes, but of particular concern are the Totobiegosode people who want no contact from the outside world — a wish their other Ayoreo relatives are trying to protect. Continue reading

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“Imminent Threat” to Last Remaining Uncontacted Indigenous Group in Paraguay

On Wednesday, August 10th, Survival International reported to the United Nation’s Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) that the only remaining uncontacted people in Paraguay — the Totobiegosode people (a sub-group of the Ayoreo people) — are in imminent danger. Specifically, the Totobiegosode are being systematically removed from the Chaco forest where they live so that the land can be used for cattle grazing. The destruction of their land, however, is occurring illegally. Specifically, Survival International reports that two Brazilian companies — BBC S.A and River Plate S.A. — are responsible not only for the deforestation, but for bringing diseases into the area that represent a serious threat to the indigenous inhabitants. Continue reading

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