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Paraguay: Indigenous People Camping in Front of Government for Over Two Weeks

For more than two weeks, approximately 200 Indigenous people have been camping in front of Paraguay’s Ministry of National Emergencies (Secretaria de Emergencia Nacional) for more than 15 days. The encampment is comprised of members from at least eight Indigenous communities, which are primarily making demands related to land and assistance with crops. Continue reading

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Paraguay: Inter-American Court Orders Return of Land to Xákmok Kásek Community

For the third time in the past five years, Paraguay was found guilty of violating indigenous human rights. Specifically, in a decision written on August 24, 2010, made public in late September, and reported on earlier this week by the Paraguayan press, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (a part of the OAS) found that Paraguay was continuing to violate the human rights of the Xákmok Kásek Community, and ordered the country to compensate the community with land and money. Continue reading

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