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Alianza Territorial Mapuche | Blog | Mapuche | Español

In their own words: “Alianza Territorial Mapuche consists of Mapuche communities in different parts of the Mapuche territory. We fight and work for the recovery of our land and for the furthering of our autonomy, and we value the work of other organizations who show respect for our siblings and friends in the fight, and are going down this same path.”

Aysen Sin Represas | Blog | Mapuche (Tehuelche) | Español

In their own words: We are a diverse group of young idealists, some born, some grown, some connected and close, but all identified and lovers of the Aysen region. Our group was born from the concern and motivation to do something against the threat of hydroelectric projects. Thus, since 2006 we organized spontaneously in every city where students live ayseninos, united by a vision of harmony between man and nature, using available resources responsibly, considering future generations and their environment.”

Azkintuwe | News | Mapuche | Español

In their own words: “Azkintuwe is a Newspaper / News Agency that produces journalism from Mapuche country and a multicultural perspective. Our information is transmitted through a bi-monthly printed newspaper, special supplements and an Internet news portal updated daily.”

Balas Contra Piedras | Blog | Mapuche | Español Balas Contra Piedras

Description: Literally, the name of this blog is “Bullets Against Stones,” and it has a clear anti-establishment tone to it. For a time, this site was updated relatively frequently, with news, videos and announcements related to the Mapuche, but also to selected other news stories.

Being Indigenous | NGO | All Indigenous Peoples in Chile | Aymara, English, Español, Mapuzungun, Rapa Nui

Description: This site is not a blog, but has lots of basic information (in English) about the Indigenous peoples living in Chile and is a worthwhile resource. It appears to no longer be updated.

In their own words: “Being Indigenous is a project of the NGO “Community To be Indigenous,” in which indigenous and nonindigenous people participate and whose aim is the valuation and diffusion of the original cultures that inhabit on the national territory (Chile) and rest of the continental region.”

Caravana Por La Vida | Blog | Mapuche | Español Caravana Por La Vida

In their own words: “This site was born to denounce publicly and uncensored the human rights abuses to the Mapuche nation in the region of Araucania, following the prosecution of two emblematic Mapuche leaders: Hector Llaitul and Robert Painemil; and to give thanks to the Humanist Party, the attorneys who sympathized and collaborated in defending human rights, former Judge Juan Guzman, Pablo Ortega and especially to Juan Enrique Prieto and Eugene R. Carinae.

Chile Indígena | Blog | Chile IndigenaAll Indigenous Peoples in Chile | Español

In their own words: “We are a professional group of Indians living in Chile, we want to share here some of our views on indigenous issues and on political developments in Chile.

Comunicaciones Mapuche Kalbun | Comunicaciones Mapuche KalbunBlog | Mapuche | Español

In their own words: “News, photographs, videos, investigative articles, culture and cosmolovision of the Mapuche people.

Comunidad Autónoma Temucuicui | Comunidad Autonoma TemucuicuiBlog | Mapuche | Español

Description: This blog, as the name implies, is for the Temucuicui community, and has news and videos relating to Mapuche issues on it.

Consejo Autonomo Aymara | Blog| Aymara | Español

In their own words: “The Aymara Autonomous Council is an indigenous organization whose main objective is the protection and promotion of fundamental rights of indigenous peoples.

Fundación Instituto Indígena | Organization | Mapuche | Español

In their own words: “We are an institution of the Bishop of Temuco and Villarrica, and our mission is ‘Promoting and Supporting the Development Process of the Mapuche people,’ and accompanying them in their search for recognition, respect, dignity, justice and development.

Fütawillimapu | Blog | Mapuche (Williche) | Español Futawillimapu

Description: The tag line of the site is “Mapuche Williche Space on the Internet,” and in addition to news they also have a link to a large number of documents related to their history and culture.

Gvbam Longko Pikun Wiji Mapu | Blog | Gvam Longko Pikun Wiji MapuEspañol

Description: This is the blog for the “The Northern Lonko Council of the Southern Mapuche World,” and has news and events posted on it from time to time.

Hue Nehuen | Blog | Mapuche | Español

Description: The tag line of this blog is simply “Mapuche communication.” It is a relatively new blog with information and news about the Mapuche people.

Kilapan | Blog | Mapuche | Español

Description: Kilapan is a frequently-updated blog that has announcements, news posts, videos, as well as additional information on Mapuche issues. Although it has a lot of information, it has a clear anti-establishment tone as well.

Lof Rankilko | Community Blog | Mapuche | Español

Description: The tag line of this blog is “Reason shows us the way, the fight will show us victory.” It is updated a few times a month with news from Mapuche communities.

Mapuche International Link | Organization | Mapuche International LinkMapuche | Deutch, English, Español, Français

In their own words: “On the 11th of May 1996 a group of Mapuches and Europeans concerned with the fate of the indigenous peoples and nations of the Americas, and in particular with the Mapuche people of Chile and Argentina , launched the Mapuche International Link (MIL) in Bristol, UK.

Mapuexpress | News/Blog | Mapuche | Español

Description: Founded in 2000, Mapuexpress is arguably the most complete blog for current information, news, and editorials about the Mapuche people living in Chile and Argentina. It also regularly covers news about other Indigenous peoples in Chile and occasionally has features on other Indigenous struggles throughout the globe. It is updated multiple times a day.

Meli Wixan Mapu | Organization | Mapuche | Español

In their own words: “Meli Wixan Mapu is a Mapuche organization in Santiago that has been working since the early 90′s to build Mapuche politics and culture — from the polite to the heat of the protests of our people — in the context of a process used to rescue and defend our identity and territory.

Merahi Rapa Nui Foundation | Organization | Rapa Nui | English, Español

In their own words: “The MRNF has applied for a non-profit 501 (C) 3 organization status. MRNF strives to be an efficient and effective organization in both raising money and distributing money to the people we hope to reach. The Merahi Rapa Nui Foundations mission is to be a dedicated organization directly helping the people of Easter Island. Improvements will come from purchase of new medical equipment for the hospital, training of existing staff, and providing funds to attract more highly qualified doctors, dentist, and educators to the Island.

Minkandina | Organization | Aymara, Quechua, Mapuche | Español

In their own words: “We are a coordinating body of indigenous organizations [from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador and Perú], in the Andes, formed on July 17, 2006 at the Founding Congress held in the city of Cusco, Peru.

Niñez Mapuche | Organization | Mapuche | Español

Ninez Mapuche

In their own words: “A project of ANIDE-KNH for the rights of the child in Chile.” This site doesn’t have a lot of information on it currently, but it does have some contacts and information. It appears that the site will eventually have some information in English and German as well as Spanish.

Ñuke Mapu | Document Center | Mapuche | Español

In their own words: “The Mapuche Documentation Center, Ñuke Mapu (Mother Earth in the Mapuche language), whose existence dates back to 1996, is a research and academic information center originally attached to the Department of Sociology at the University of Uppsala, Sweden. The center mission mirrored the guiding principles of the University: to educate, investigate and report. Today, we are an independent publication. The purpose of Ñuke Mapu is to be available to interested parties (academic and nonacademic), to reference and study material, and to conduct lines of research on social, political, cultural and intellectual life of the Mapuche people.

País Mapuche | News | Mapuche | Español

Description: País Mapuche is one of the better sites for news affecting the Mapuche people. It is frequently updated with stories and videos, and it also oftentimes has announcements about events, such as rallies or marches. In addition to posting on the Mapuche, the site also has an “International” section that has stories about major international Indigenous events.

Periodismo Sanador | Blog | Mapuche | Español

Literally called “Healing Journalism,” this blog is kept by Lucía Sepúlveda Ruiz, who is described elsewhere on the internet as a Chilean journalist. This particular blog has been in existence for around five years, and is updated many times throughout the month. Its focus is on the Mapuche, and in addition to the author’s writings, it often has videos and announcements for upcoming events.

Pilmaiquen Weichan | Blog | Mapuche | Español

Description: This blog appears to mostly have information and communications about development of the Pilmaiquen River, as well as some information about other development projects — specifically, those affecting rivers and other bodies of water.

Polinesia Chilena | Blog | Rapa Nui | Español

Description: This blog has information about the historic relationship between Chile and Easter Island (Rapa Nui), and posts new material about the ongoing developments between the Rapa Nui people and the Chilean government.

Radio Mapuche | News/Music | Mapuche | Español Radio Mapuche

Description: This site has no information about its purpose, but it clearly has music and news (both in audio formats) on a variety of themes related to the Mapuche people. It is updated a few times a month.

Save Rapa Nui | Organization | Rapa Nui | English, Español, Rapa Nui

In their own words: “We are currently developing this site. Feel free to register and upload content that supports Rapa Nui independence and gives information to the current confrontation there.”

Ukhamawa Noticias | News | All Indigenous Peoples in Chile | Español

In their own words: “Ukhamawa is a news network that has among its objectives: increasing awareness about indigenous issues in the world and our region, in addition to presenting activities and work of indigenous organizations that do not have access to state media. Ukhamawa, in the Aymara language means ‘así es’.

Wallmapu Futa Trawun | Blog | Mapuche | Español

Description: A blog about Mapuche issues with lots of video clips and links, as well as some articles and announcements about upcoming events.

Wallmapuwen | Organization | Mapuche | Español, Mapuzungun

In their own words: “We are a Party of the Mapuche people, we come from different organizations, professions and areas of political action, both rural and urban, within our rich and diverse national society. The Party is made up of traditional leaders, farmers and academics, people from the country and the city, young professionals, housewives, etc. We have all come together as an instrument for a new type of political struggle, which allows us to protect our interests as a nation.

Weftun | Blog/Organization | Mapuche | Español Weftun

In their own words: “Weftun, is the official voice of the Coordinator of Mapuche Communities in Conflict Arauco – Malleco, and aims to be an expression of what is being reborn, as now is the rebirth of the kona and the front of the Mapuche struggle against a system that continues to oppress.”

Werken Kvrvf | News/Blog | Mapuche | Español Werken Kvrvf

In their own words: “Our objective is to contribute to the process of Reconstruction and Autonomy of the Mapuche Nation and other Native peoples.”

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