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Coordinadora por la Autodeterminación de los Pueblos Indígenas | Organization | Angaité, Ava Guaraní, Ayoreo, Enlhet Norte, Enxet, Guaraní, Mbya Guaraní, Nivacle, Pai Tavytera, Sanapaná, Toba Qom | Español

In their own words: “Coordinadora por la Autodeterminacion de los Pueblos Indígenas is an autonomous indigenous representative organization comprised of 14 Paraguayan indigenous organizations, from two regions of the country: Eastern and Western (or Chaco). The purpose of the organization, as described in its founding documents, is, among others, to defend individual and collective rights of the indigenous peoples of Paraguay; to combine efforts between organizations and/or associations to promote the total observance and compliance with the legal guarantees established in the [Paraguayan] Constitution, as well as international conventions; to strengthen the unity of indigenous peoples throughout the world; and to defend the rights and interests of the member organizations and/or associations, and through that process, defending the rights of all indigenous communities across the country.”

Pocnolec | Blog | Qom (Toba) | Español

Description: This is a blog that is connected to a Qom community in some capacity, and that posts on various indigenous topics — oftentimes related to the arts. It appears to have new posts relatively often.

Tierra Viva | Organization | Angaité, Ayoreo, Enxet, Ishir, Maskoy, Qom (Toba), Sanapaná | Español

In their own words: “We are a non-governmental, non-profit organization that, since 1994, has worked in the defense of human rights of indigenous peoples, with special emphasis on those relating to land, territory and natural resources.”

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