Statement by Autonomous Community of Temucuicui on Pending Trial

Below is a translation of a statement released by the Autonomous Community of Temucuicui (Mapuche) and relates to an upcoming trial of some of its members under Chile’s Antiterrorism Law. This statement was made public on April 12, 2012 and was translated by Man-Ya Kniese. The original version (in Spanish) is available here.

Temucuicui: Those processed for the Quino case are evaluating to NOT present themselves for the trial preparation
Apr 12, 2012

Faced with the possible annulment of the Preparation for the Oral Trial, the community is evaluating presenting its members.

The Autonomous Mapuche Community Temucuicui hereby manifests to the local, National and International Public Opinion the following:

1. During one week there was carried out the Preparation for the Oral Trial by the Anti Terrorist Act in the Court of Guarantee of the City of Victoria, against 8 members of the Autonomous Mapuche communities Temucuicui and Cacique Joseph Guiñón, both from Ercilla, charged in the case called Assault to the Quino toll booth.

2. It should be recalled that in the preparation of the trial the public prosecutor Miguel Angel Velasquez, was punished and forced to leave the courtroom, for not complying with the order of the Court, to amend the indictment, although they provided days to execute the warrant, referring exclusively to the matter under investigation.

3. In the indictment, there are two Mapuche minors, whom the Guarantee Court of the City of Victoria, decided to separate from adults, and should begin the Preparation of Oral Judgment yesterday Wednesday April 11, 2012 at 14 hours.

4. Judge Evelyn Zelaya, the of Guarantee Court of the City of Victoria has suspended the start of the for the Oral Trial preparation of the minors, according to information provided by the judge, until the Court of Appeals rules on the Appeal of Nullity presented by the Public Ministry and seeks to cancel and rejoin them at a possible new trial preparation.

5. Our community strongly objects to the decision of the Judge of the Court to postpone the start of the trial preparation of the minors. For our community, this decision clearly demonstrates that the intention and the orders given by the Minister of the Interior Rodrigo Hinzpeter on his visit to the region, is to condemn in any way the Mapuche accused by the prosecution, whether or not they are responsible of the crimes investigated.

6. If the Oral Trial preparations are annulled and despite the repeated irregularities committed by the Public Prosecutor Miguel Angel Velasquez, they are reintegrated to the charge again, our community EVALUATES THE PRESENTATION OF OUR ACCUSED MEMBERS to the preparation of the new trial. We are not willing to continue, after three years of being persecuted, criminalized, repressed, abused, imprisoned, to follow in this great setup and show, designed and orchestrated by the nefarious anti-Mapuche Prosecutor.

7. We know that this decision could bring more problems for families who stand behind our brothers but we do not lend ourselves to continue in this circus, really, the only thing which they are intending to do is what is convenient for this Government through the Public Ministry that seeks only to condemn and give a signal of the workings on the part of the Justice system.

Autonomous Community Temucuicui

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