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Chile’s National Human Rights Institute Releases Annual Reports, Criticizes Chile on Indigenous Rights

On Thursday, December 15th, Chile’s Instituto Nacional de Derechos Humanos (National Human Rights Institute) or INDH, released its second annual report on the situation of human rights within Chile. INDH was created by the Chilean government in 2009, but is a fully-autonomous governmental unit. This year’s report was very critical of the Chilean government’s handling of human rights in a number of areas, including how it has handled them with respect to indigenous peoples. Specifically, the report dedicated an entire chapter to indigenous rights within Chileand below is a summary of the topics covered. Continue reading

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UN Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Visits Argentina, Offers Recommendations

The United Nation’s Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, James Anaya, recently ended an eleven-day trip to Argentina where he met with government officials and indigenous peoples throughout the country. At the conclusion of his visit, on Wednesday, December 7th, Anaya gave a short speech in Buenos Aires where he summarized some of what he saw and offered the Argentinian government some recommendations on how to advance indigenous rights within the country. A translation of that speech appears below. Continue reading

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Mapuche Protests Against Araucanía Airport Continue, Make International Headlines

On Saturday, November 26th, the BBC ran a story about the ongoing conflict between various Mapuche communities and the Chilean government over the construction of an airport. The BBC’s report focused on a recent confrontation between Mapuche individuals and the police in which tear gas and hoses were used against Mapuche protesters after two officers sustained minor injuries.  According to reports in the Chilean media, the confrontation broke out after roads were barricaded in protest of the airport. Given the attention brought to the issue by the BBC last week, we thought it would be worthwhile to walk through the timeline of events leading to this most recent clash. Continue reading

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Indigenous Leaders to Meet with Chilean Congress to Discuss ILO Convention 169

Next week, on October 4th and 5th, Indigenous leaders from across Chile will meet with the Chilean Congress to discuss the implementation of ILO Convention 169, and particularly, the right to consultation. It is predicted that more than 300 leaders, including leaders from each of Chile’s nine Indigenous peoples, will be in attendance. The forthcoming meetings are the topic of our latest column on I Love Chile News, which you can read by clicking here.

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Chile Creates Commission with International Experts to Discuss Indigenous Consultation

On Wednesday, September 14th, CONADI (the Chilean government’s Indigenous development corporation) announced the approval of the creation of a new commission that would bring together government officials and experts in international Indigenous rights to discuss consultation and what is necessary for compliance with ILO Convention 169. The decision to create the commission was approved by the eight Indigenous-elected representatives by a vote of 6-2 and will seek to assist in the creation of a mechanism for Indigenous consultation within Chile. The new body is scheduled to hold its first meeting on September 28th. Continue reading

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Chilean Senate Rejects Resolution Favoring the Ongoing Indigenous Consultation Process

Last Tuesday, the Chilean Senate voted to not adopt a proposed resolution aimed at giving Senate support to the ongoing national consultation process with indigenous peoples that has been unfolding in Chile over the last several months. The resolution in question was originally presented by a group of 13 Senators in early August. Essentially, the text of the resolution was aimed at having the Senate give express approval to the National Consultation on Indigenous Institutions and then communicating that support to international institutions at both the UN and ILO.  The Senate voted 13 to 12 against the resolution. Continue reading

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More Than 100 Indigenous Communities and Organizations Sign Declaration About Consultation in Chile

On September 3rd and 4th, a major meeting of Indigenous leaders took place in Santiago, Chile. The meeting was wholly arranged by Indigenous peoples and was intended only for their participation, so that they could meet and discuss a number of issues — most notably those issues related to Chile’s consultation process. On Thursday, September 8th, the work of that meeting resulted in the public release of a declaration condemning Chile’s current consultation policy and calling for a number of reforms. The declaration –which is available here in Spanish — was supported by well over 100 Indigenous communities and organizations, including representatives from at least eight of Chile’s nine recognized peoples. Continue reading

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Mapuche-Huilliche Community Rejects Government’s Tourism Plan; Cites ILO 169

The Huilliche Community of  Lago Todos los Santos rejected the Chilean government’s recent announcement that it is accepting private bids for tourism projects in Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park located in southern Chile. The Community has publicly stated that the proposed projects are going to have a detrimental effect on their community, which means consultation should have occurred in accordance with ILO Convention 169, and that no such consultation process occurred. Continue reading

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Senate Annuls Vote that Requested Repeal of Decree No. 124 and Suspension of Consultation

On Thursday, August 12th, the Senate decided to annul a vote that was taken last week. The vote originally stated that the Senate would request President Piñera to repeal Decree 124 and suspend the national indigenous consultation process being undertaken by the Chilean government currently. The decision to annul the vote was based on the fact that one Senator — Senator García Ruminot (RN) — claimed his vote was counted in favor of the Senate agreement when, in fact, he was not present for the vote. Although the loss of Senator Ruminot’s vote would not alter the decision, the Senate decided they would hold a revote on the issue on Tuesday, August 16th. Continue reading

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Rapa Nui Groups Hold Human Rights Seminar; Reject Consultation Process

On Tuesday, August 9th, more than 200 Rapa Nui individuals participated in a human rights seminar that covered a wide variety of issues related to indigenous rights. The seminar took place on Easter Island and included multiple Rapa Nui clans as well as the Rapa Nui Parliament and Makenu Re’o Rapa Nui (the organization of Rapa Nui women). Presenting at the seminar were individuals from Observatorio Ciudadano (an NGO based in Temuco, Chile), the Indian Law Resource Center (based in Washington D.C.), the International Working Group on Indigenous Affairs (an international organization based in Copenhagen, Denmark), and the University of Auckland (New Zealand). Continue reading

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