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Chile’s President References “New Deal” with Indigenous Peoples in Annual Address

On May 21st, Chile’s President Piñera gave his annual address in front of Congress for the final time before his term ends. The address is given annually and highlights both accomplishments from the previous year as well as goals for the forthcoming year. In this year’s address (full address in Spanish can be found here), Piñera offerred a few words about Chile’s indigenous groups and his administration’s goals with respect to those peoples. Continue reading

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Mapuche Protests Against Araucanía Airport Continue, Make International Headlines

On Saturday, November 26th, the BBC ran a story about the ongoing conflict between various Mapuche communities and the Chilean government over the construction of an airport. The BBC’s report focused on a recent confrontation between Mapuche individuals and the police in which tear gas and hoses were used against Mapuche protesters after two officers sustained minor injuries.  According to reports in the Chilean media, the confrontation broke out after roads were barricaded in protest of the airport. Given the attention brought to the issue by the BBC last week, we thought it would be worthwhile to walk through the timeline of events leading to this most recent clash. Continue reading

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Argentina: Mapuche Community Occupies Plant of U.S. Gas and Oil Company

Beginning on Tuesday, November 22nd, and continuing for several days, the Mapuche community of Gelay Ko has been occupying a compressor plant of the Apache Corporation — a U.S. company based in Houston, Texas — claiming that their operations are taking place on Indigenous lands and are polluting the local water supply. The protests are occurring in the Neuquén province of Argentina and did result in at least temporary loss of services to some local communities. Although there have been no reports of violence as of yet, there is a strong police presence in the region now and both the protestors and company employees have alleged threatening behavior. Continue reading

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Mapuche Community Alleges Forgery of Signature on Document of Support for Hydroelectric Project

Representatives from the Mapuche community of Curarrehue filed a complaint with prosecutors alleging that at least one signature was forged on a document of support for a hydroelectric dam project. The project seeks to build a dam on the Trancura River which will affect the Curraehue community, among others. The allegation states that the meeting where the signature allegedly took place was believed to be an informational meeting and nothing intended to demonstrate official support. Additionally, the complaint alleges that at least one signature — that of Benita Panguilef — was clearly forged as Panguilef is not literate. The prosecutor’s office received the complaint and says it will seek to determine what occurred. Continue reading

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Mapuche Communities Receive Money for Land Development

On Friday, July 8th, CONADI (Chile’s Indigenous development corporation) delivered more than US$ 420,000 to Mapuche communities and families in the Araucanía Region for land development. The money will be used largely to improve agriculture on lands that were purchased by CONADI and given to Mapuche communities in recent years. The dispersion of money is part of President Piñera policy to never give land without also providing a means for it to be developed. Continue reading

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Threat of Dam Construction for Huilliche Communities in Los Ríos Region

Over the weekend, Mapuche-Huilliche communities from the area around Maihue lake met to discuss the proposed construction of a hydroelectric dam, Central Maqueo, by the Norwegian company Trayenko (an affiliate of SN Power in Chile). Continue reading

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Chile to Invest US$ 20 Million in Mapuche Communities

Chile’s Secretary of State, Cristián Larroulet, announced on Friday, October 21st, that the Government is going to invest more than US$ 2o million into Mapuche communities. Continue reading

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Chile Announces US$ 270 Million Development Plan for Rapa Nui

Following up on our earlier post, and according to an article by EMOL, Rodrigo Hinzpeter, the Minister of the Interior, announced today that the Chilean Government will invest US$ 270 million in Easter Island — which is 20 times more than what the Government’s budget has been for the Island over the past 15 years. The Government also announced that additional efforts will be made to improve Easter Island’s representation within the Chilean system. Continue reading

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Rapa Nui Developments in Recent Weeks

Major developments related to the ongoing controversy on Easter Island that concern Rapa Nui land claims and self-governance rights are expected as the end of October approaches. Based on an agreement reached with some Rapa Nui clans several weaks ago, the deadline—October 24th—for the Government-formed working groups to present their reports and proposed solutions is quickly approaching. Additionally, by that deadline, 26 families are expected to receive land titles.

Continue reading

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March in Arica for Environmental Protection

On August 28 in Arica, the Red por la Defensa del Medio Ambiente de Arica y Parinacota (Network for Environmental Defense of Arica and Parinacota) organized a march in protest of national government development policies and programs that are expected to have a negative environmental impact in the region of Arica and Parinacota. Continue reading

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