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Indigenous Poverty Rate Nearly Double That of Non-Indigenous People in Chile

According to data released this month by the United Nations’ Development Program, equality is lacking between indigenous and non-indigenous populations when it comes to poverty, employment opportunities and education. The information comes from a new U.N. report entitled, “State Measurement of Development Objectives in Indigenous Populations in Chile” and highlights areas of inequality. Continue reading

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President Piñera Announces Plan to Address Mapuche Issues

At 11 a.m. in Santigao on Friday, August 3rd, President Sebastián Piñera announced actions the government would take to address the challenges faced by the Mapuche people. The announcement allowed Piñera to elaborate on his “Development Plan for the Araucanía Region” or “Plan Araucanía” as it is often referred to. Specifically, Piñera announced an initiative to build a multicultural school in Ercilla, five hospitals throughout the region, and to implement a consultation process that conforms with ILO Convention 169. Continue reading

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Chile to Reduce Teaching on Indigenous History and Indigenous Rights

At the beginning of January, the Chilean Ministry of Education announced changes to the national curriculum. The alterations receiving the most media attention revolve around how the Chilean dictatorship (1973-1990) will be taught in schools, but a number of other changes were announced too–including some that affected education on indigenous peoples and indigenous rights. The new curriculum is the focus of our latest column for I Love Chile News, which you can read by clicking here.

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Only 11% of Chile’s Indigenous Youth Speak or Understand Their Native Language

On Monday, January 23rd, UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Fund) and Chile’s Ministry of Social Development (formerly known as MIDEPLAN) released a study on Indigenous youth in Chile that covered a number of topics. The report revealed that economically, Indigenous youth are in worse shape than their non-Indigenous counterparts. And culturally, the study indicated that 89% of Indigenous youth can neither speak nor understand their Native languages. Continue reading

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Senator Introduces Legislation to Allow Indigenous Peoples to Wear Traditional Clothing at School Functions

Several weeks ago, we wrote a post about two Mapuche students who were not permitted to where their traditional clothing to their high school graduation. The incident occurred in Collipulli on November 21st. At the time, a leader from the Mapuche community spoke out against the discrimination and stated that legal action was a possibility. In response to this incident, on November 30th, Senator Alejandro Navarro (MAS) introduced legislation that would allow all Indigenous students to wear their ancestral dress to school functions. Continue reading

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Mapuche Students Stopped from Wearing Traditional Clothing to Graduation

In Collipulli, located in southern Chile, two Mapuche high school students were told by school administrators that they could not wear their traditional dress during graduation. On Monday, November 21st, the graduating students came to the school to have graduation photographs taken. Two of those students showed up in traditional Mapuche dress and the school did not permit them to have their photographs taken with their attire and told them they could not wear the dress to the ceremony. In response, the lonko (Mapuche leader) of the community, Víctor Queipul,  has gone on record stating that the school’s decision is a case of clear discrimination and that they will consider taking legal action. Continue reading

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Indigenous Leaders Accuse Government of Fraud with Respect to Indigenous Scholarships

Two Indigenous leaders approached the Comptroller General of Chile and requested that an investigation be conducted into scholarships that were supposed to be given to Indigenous students. The leaders provided a list of at least 20 names to the Comptroller General which they allege are names of non-Indigenous individuals who were granted Indigenous scholarships in violation of Chilean law. The leaders suggested that the National Board of Student Aid and Scholarships (Junta Nacional De Auxilio Escolar y Becas or JUNAEB) as well as the National Indigenous Development Corporation (Corporación Nacional de Desarrollo Indígena or CONADI) are responsible for the alleged illegal actions. Continue reading

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UN High Commissioner Discusses Indigenous Issues in Chile

This week Chile finds itself hosting Kang Kyung-wha, the United Nation’s Deputy High Commission on Human Rights. Kang is largely in the country due to the ongoing protests and movements related to education within Chile, but is also taking some of her time to discuss Indigenous rights. During her time in the country, Kang spoke about Indigenous rights with the President of Chile’s Supreme Court, the Mapuche Federation of Students (FEMAE in Spanish), and the Mapuche Territorial Alliance among others. Continue reading

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Mapuche Youth in Ercilla Sign Agreement with Government, End Occupation

On Wedenesday, August 31st, the Mapuche youth who had been peacefully occupying the municipal government building in Ercilla signed a MOU (memorandum of understanding) with regional government officials. The MOU provided for increased Indigenous scholarships, an intercultural school and for continued dialogue on ending the militarization of the region. The agreement ended a peaceful occupation of the city’s municipal building that had been going on for 13 days and that had involved more than 25 Mapuche youth from the community. Continue reading

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Mapuche Teens Takeover Town to End “Police Brutality”

Article submitted by Katie Manning, courtesy of MiVoz.cl.

A decades-old debate over a 150-year-old conflict is heating up as Chilean cities spend their winter under a blanket of protests. Forty teenagers, part of 700,000 Mapuche Indians out of 17 million people in Chile, staged a toma, or takeover, in Ercilla. The small forest-farming town, 600 kilometers south of Santiago, frequently hosts brawls between the police force and Mapuche. Continue reading

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