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CONADI Director Visits Easter Island; Rapa Nui Hold Elections and Protest

Last week, Jorge Retamal, the new National Director of CONADI (Chile’s Indigenous Development Corporation) visited Easter Island for the first time since taking office. During his time on the Island, Retamal made at least two major announcements about programs for the Rapa Nui people — one related to health and the other to language education. In addition to the director’s visit, in the past few days the Rapa Nui people have also held a large protest and elected their representatives to the Easter Island Development Committee. Continue reading

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CONADI Director Visits Mapuche Language Education Projects

Jorge Retamal, the Director of CONADI (the National Indigenous Development Corporation) recently visited Mapudungun education programs in the Araucanía and Los Ríos regions. The projects are designed for rural children and involve Mapudungun (the Mapuche language) classes taught by a werken (a Mapuche spokesperson/leader). These particular programs are mandated by law, as any school with more than 50% Indigenous students is supposed to offer native language classes. Continue reading

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