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Mapuche Man Found Dead in Conflict Zone of Ercilla

On Saturday, October 8th, the body of a 32-year-old Mapuche man named Ramiro Queipul Colihuinca was found by his relatives in the Roble Huacho sector of Ercilla. Queipul’s body was found with a gunshot wound to the chest and early evidence suggests that he died on Friday, October 7th. The police are continuing to investigate the cause, manner and circumstances surrounding the death. Continue reading

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Multiple Clashes Between Mapuche and Police in Ercilla; Four Officers Injured

On Sunday, October 2nd, there were multiple reports of two separate incidents between police and large groups of individuals in Ercilla on traditional Mapuche land. The first incident involved approximately 40-50 people who began cutting down trees and knocking down fences. Ultimately, three officers were injured during this confrontation. The second incident involved approximately 20 masked men on a different piece of property in which one police officer was injured. Continue reading

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Mapuche Juvenile Shot Near Ercilla

On Thursday, September 22nd, there was an incident that resulted in a 13-year-old Mapuche boy being shot in the arm and thigh near Ercilla. The shooting took place on or near land legally-owned by Leandro Seitz Muñoz. The land, however, is also traditional Mapuche territory and has been at the center of much conflict. This is only the latest in a number of recent incidents in Ercilla, which included the shooting of another juvenile in July. Continue reading

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Mapuche Communities Report Increased Police Activity in Araucanía

On Thursday, September 1st, the Mapuche Territorial Alliance (Alianza Territorial Mapuche) issued a declaration claiming that the Mapuche community Ignacio Queipul in Temucuicui, located in the comuna of Ercilla, was subject to police helicopters patrolling the area and taking photographs “in a clear act of intimidation and terror.” Meanwhile, a separate report from Radio Bio-Bio stated that the home of former Mapuche hunger striker, Luis Menares Chamileo, was raided by dozens of police officers in the Araucanía region as well. That article indicated that the raid was a part of three coordinated raids (the other two apparently in Santiago) in which the police confiscated documents and technology of sympathizers of the Mapuche movement. Continue reading

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Mapuche Youth in Ercilla Sign Agreement with Government, End Occupation

On Wedenesday, August 31st, the Mapuche youth who had been peacefully occupying the municipal government building in Ercilla signed a MOU (memorandum of understanding) with regional government officials. The MOU provided for increased Indigenous scholarships, an intercultural school and for continued dialogue on ending the militarization of the region. The agreement ended a peaceful occupation of the city’s municipal building that had been going on for 13 days and that had involved more than 25 Mapuche youth from the community. Continue reading

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Twenty-Five Mapuche Youth Peacefully Occupy Ercilla Government Building for Three Days

On the afternoon of Friday, August 19th, approximately twenty-five Mapuche youths began peacefully occupying the municipal building in Ercilla. The occupation has continued through the weekend and into today (August 22nd), and is a direct response to the increased violence in the area over the past few weeks. The occupation has disrupted some municipal services, but there have been no confrontations reported related to the protest. The Mapuche youths have publicly denounced the violence in their community and have stated that they will not leave until the Chilean government commits to demilitarizing the area and ending the police abuses. Continue reading

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Two Mapuche Individuals, One Police Officer Shot in More Violence Near Ercilla

On Thursday, August 18th, the Chilean police force (carabineros) raided the Mapuche communities of Ercilla — in the area of Pidima – searching for firearms. According to several media outlets, the raid was one of the largest in recent times and was ordered by the Collipulli courts. At least two Mapuche individuals were shot with buckshot during the raids — possibly including a juvenile. A police officer was shot in the arm as well and taken to a local hospital. The clashes also resulted in a warehouse being set on fire, resulting in approximately US$ 30,000 worth of damage. Continue reading

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Two Years After Mapuche Man Killed, Court Rejects Police Officer’s “Justified Force” Defense

On August 12, 2009 a 24-year-old Mapuche man named Jaime Mendoza Collío was shot and killed by Miguel Patricio Jara Muñoz, a Chilean police officer (carabinero). The shooting occurred in the context of a land dispute over traditional Mapuche territory. Within a week, the officer was charged with using unnecessary force that resulted in death, and has defended himself by arguing that the force was justifiable given the circumstances. Last Thursday (August 11th), the Temuco Court of Appeals entered a final judgement that rejected the officer’s defenseContinue reading

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New Conflict Between Mapuche and Police in Ercilla

On Friday, August 5th, there was another confrontation between the Mapuche people of Temucuicui and the Chilean police (carabineros) in which, it has been reported, at least two Mapuche individuals were injured. The facts of the interaction are very much in dispute at this point in time, but it is clear that the conflict was in relation to the land known as La Romana, which is traditional Mapuche territory, but which is currently owned by René Urban — this land has been the center of much conflict in recent weeks. Continue reading

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Latest Developments Surrounding Mapuche Conflict in Ercilla

On Saturday, July 30th, we posted information about a Mapuche juvenile who had been shot in the leg near Ercilla, and mentioned the escalating conflict in the area. In the past few days several things have happened in relation to that story–most notably, a complaint was filed against Héctor Urban, the alleged shooter; Urban has since denied injuring the Mapuche boy; and the juvenile remains in the hospital where he sent an open letter to President Piñera, urging the President, amongst others, to find concrete solutions to the issues causing the current conflict. Continue reading

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