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Argentina: Tonocoté Violently Evicted from Land then Offerred New Housing

On Friday, May 24th, approximately twenty-three Tonocoté families — located in north-central Argentina — were violently evicted from their community of more than 200 years. According to news reports, dozens of police mounted on horseback used rubber bullets, tear gas, and dogs to force the Tonocoté people out of their community. Once the people were free from the area, the land was quickly bulldozed in preparation for a real estate development that will allegedly be put on the land. The eviction drew the ire of many human rights organizations, including Greenpeace who “condemned” the “illegal” eviction. Continue reading

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Rapa Nui Evicted; Headed to Inter-American Court

On Sunday, February 6th, Chilean Special Forces removed the Hito clan from the Hotel Hanga Roa on Easter Island. The Hito clan had been occupying the hotel for months in part of a more elaborate series of peaceful occupations throughout the Island. Their removal marks the final eviction in a series of evictions that have been carried out by the Chilean Government across the Island in recent weeks. Continue reading

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Chilean Government Creates Special Commission of Indigenous Peoples

On Wednesday, December 15th, the Chilean House of Representatives officially created a permanent body to address Indigenous issues in the country. The committee, called the Special Commission of Indigenous Peoples, will be headed by Deputy Gonzalo Arenas (UDI), who was instrumental in its creation. Continue reading

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Senate Commission Works on Reforms to Antiterrorism Law

On Friday, the Senate Commission on Constitution, Legislation, Justice, and Regulation began work on various proposed pieces of legislation targeted at reforming the Antiterrorism Law, which has been at the heart of the ongoing Mapuche political prisoner hunger strike. Continue reading

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Government Official Responds to Letter from Rapa Nui

On Monday, Rapa Nui representatives involved with the land takeovers on the island, presented a letter to President Sebastián Piñera. While the Moneda has not responded to the letter, Raúl Celis, the regional intendant apparently coordinating the government response, did comment on the issues set forth in the letter. Continue reading

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Working Group Created to Address Rapa Nui Situation

A working group has finally been created to address the situation with the Rapa Nui people on Easter Island. According to La Nación, the Subsecretary for Regional Development will be the coordinator of the group. Continue reading

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Congressional Commission to Examine Indigenous Issues

Congressman Gonzalo Arenas (Unión Democrática Independiente), who represents 8 comunas in the Araucania Region of southern Chile, called for the Chilean government to guarantee the rights of the Mapuche people through legislative reform and consultation on decisions made concerning indigenous peoples. Continue reading

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