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Rapa Nui Groups Hold Human Rights Seminar; Reject Consultation Process

On Tuesday, August 9th, more than 200 Rapa Nui individuals participated in a human rights seminar that covered a wide variety of issues related to indigenous rights. The seminar took place on Easter Island and included multiple Rapa Nui clans as well as the Rapa Nui Parliament and Makenu Re’o Rapa Nui (the organization of Rapa Nui women). Presenting at the seminar were individuals from Observatorio Ciudadano (an NGO based in Temuco, Chile), the Indian Law Resource Center (based in Washington D.C.), the International Working Group on Indigenous Affairs (an international organization based in Copenhagen, Denmark), and the University of Auckland (New Zealand). Continue reading

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FIDH Representatives Visit Chile to Observe Treatment of Mapuche People

The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), which is an umbrella organization for more than 160 human rights organizations globally, sent several representatives to Chile to monitor and assess human rights in the country. Of particular interest to FIDH is the relationship between the Chilean Government and the Mapuche people, particularly with respect to the Antiterrorism Law. The FIDH representatives will be in the country all week, but have already expressed their concern about how the Mapuche are being treated under the law and are interested in encouraging the Chilean Government to make changes to the Antiterrorism Law. Continue reading

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Annual Human Rights Report Criticizes Chile’s Indigenous Jurisprudence

On Monday, the Human Rights Center of the Universidad Diego Portales Law School launched its Annual Human Rights Report (available for download here) for the eighth consecutive year.  The Annual Report is a comprehensive review and analysis that highlights the major human rights issues of the past year. Continue reading

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