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Twenty-Five Mapuche Youth Peacefully Occupy Ercilla Government Building for Three Days

On the afternoon of Friday, August 19th, approximately twenty-five Mapuche youths began peacefully occupying the municipal building in Ercilla. The occupation has continued through the weekend and into today (August 22nd), and is a direct response to the increased violence in the area over the past few weeks. The occupation has disrupted some municipal services, but there have been no confrontations reported related to the protest. The Mapuche youths have publicly denounced the violence in their community and have stated that they will not leave until the Chilean government commits to demilitarizing the area and ending the police abuses. Continue reading

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Latest Developments Surrounding Mapuche Conflict in Ercilla

On Saturday, July 30th, we posted information about a Mapuche juvenile who had been shot in the leg near Ercilla, and mentioned the escalating conflict in the area. In the past few days several things have happened in relation to that story–most notably, a complaint was filed against Héctor Urban, the alleged shooter; Urban has since denied injuring the Mapuche boy; and the juvenile remains in the hospital where he sent an open letter to President Piñera, urging the President, amongst others, to find concrete solutions to the issues causing the current conflict. Continue reading

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Mapuche Juvenile Processed Under Antiterrorism Law

On Saturday, April 30th, a Mapuche juvenile (either 16 or 17, depending on the report) was detained and, ultimately, arrested and processed for four crimes under Chile’s Antiterrorism Law. Specifically, the youth was processed for having violated the arson, association (with terrorists), attempted terrorist murder and armed robbery sections of the Antiterrorism Law.  Continue reading

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