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Chilean Government to Consider Repealing Decree 124 on Indigenous Consultation

On Tuesday, September 13th, MIDEPLAN (the Ministry of Planning) decided to accept a request to invalidate Decree 124 on Indigenous consultation. This decision does not mean that Decree 124 is currently invalid, but rather that MIDEPLAN will have an administrative proceeding to consider repealing the Decree. Since its passage, Decree 124 has been widely criticized by Indigenous peoples and international law experts for not complying with ILO Convention 169 on Indigenous rights. Continue reading

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Chilean Government Announces Consultation on Indigenous Constitutional Recognition

On Tuesday, March 8th, the Chilean Government announced that it is going to begin a series of consultations with Indigenous peoples to get their feedback and input on a piece of legislation that would, ultimately, result in the constitutional recognition of Indigenous peoples in Chile. The announcement was made by the Minister of Planning, Felipe Kast, who was accompanied by Sebastián Donoso, the Presidential Advisor on Indigenous Issues, as well as Jorge Retamal, the Director of the National Indigenous Development Corporation (CONADI). Continue reading

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MIDEPLAN Announces Improvements in Land Policies

On Wednesday, July 28, the head of the Ministerio de Planificación (MIDEPLAN), Felipe Kast, announced new policy initiatives related to settling the land claims of indigenous peoples in Chile.  Among other activities, MIDEPLAN, through CONADI, subsidizes land purchases on behalf of indigenous peoples, and the thrust of the changes Continue reading

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