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International Observers Conclude that Chile’s Imposed Regime on Rapa Nui Violates Human Rights

On May 23, 2013, multiple Chilean news outlets posted articles (here, here and here) about a report made to the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs that detailed the relationship between Chile and the Rapa Nui people — ultimately concluding that Chile’s regime on Easter Island violates the Rapa Nui peoples’ rights to territory, self-determination, and political participation. Additionally, the report specifically lays out rights under the American Convention on Human Rights that have been violated and provides several pages of recommendations on how the human rights situation of the Rapa Nui might be improved. Continue reading

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Atacameño Communities from Three Countries Sign Declaration About Land Rights

As March came to a close, more than 150 Atacameño individuals from communities spanning three countries — Argentina, Bolivia and Chile — came together in San Pedro de Atacama (Chile) for the third Encuentro de Pueblos Atacameños Sin Fronteras (“Meeting of the Atacemeño People without Borders”). The meeting resulted in the publication of a declaration titled, Declaración de Quetenas, which called on the governments of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile to recognize that the Atacameño people are one people despite the presence of international borders. The Declaration was sent to the presidents of those three countries urging them to take action to protect the rights of the Atacameño people. Continue reading

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More than 10,000 March Against Colonialism in Chile

On Monday, October 10th, more than 10,000 people marched in Santiago to show their support for Indigenous peoples and to draw attention to more than 500 years of colonialism. The march is the topic of our latest column on I Love Chile News, which you can read here.

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Kawashkar People Sign Historic Agreement to Save Their Culture

Earlier this month, on September 8th, the Kawashkar people of Chile signed an agreement with CONADI (Chile’s Indigenous development corporation) and the Universidad de Magallanes with the goal of saving their culture from extinction. According to the 2002 Chilean Census, there are approximately 2,600 individuals who identify as Kawashkar in Chile, but of those only 24 are considered full-blooded Kawashkar and only 9 are fluent in their traditional language. According to the reports, the idea for the agreement originated with the Kawashkar people who feared their culture, language and traditions would be lost forever if action was not taken quickly. Continue reading

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Progress is Slow on Efforts to Resolve Rapa Nui Controversy

News concerning the delicate situation on Easter Island (see original posts here, here, and here) has been scarce over the last couple of weeks. It does appear that the issues raise by Rapa Nui families remain unresolved, and President Piñera has yet to announce a replacement governor for the island following Pedro Edmund Paoa’s resignation in the midst of the controversy. Continue reading

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Rapa Nui, Chilean Officials Open Dialogue

As we posted on August 3, several Rapa Nui clans have peacefully occupied buildings and land that are part of their ancestral territory.  The Chilean government responded by sending the regional governor (intendente) of the 5th Region, Raúl Celis, to the island to open a dialogue with the Rapa Nui protestors. Since that posting, many developments have taken place and a dialogue between the Rapa Nui and Chilean government has commenced. Continue reading

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Rapa Nui Demand Restoration of Ancestral Lands

Over the last week, several Rapa Nui clans have begun peacefully occupying lands that they claim as part of their ancestral territory, but that the Chilean government currently occupies and uses. The takeovers began on July 29 with a piece of land occupied by the offices for the Ministerio de Bienes Nacionales. Continue reading

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