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Chilean Senate Urges Executive Branch to Consult with Aymara, Kawashkar Peoples

According to a Chilean Senate press release dated January 6th, the Senate has voted twice in recent days to request the President to consult with specific Indigenous communities within Chile. One vote requested that the President consult with the Kawashkar people over coastal zoning that is to take place in and around their community, and the other vote related to various environmental regulations that could affect water rights and land use for some Aymara communities. The votes are the topic of our latest column for I Love Chile News, which can be read here.

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Indigenous Leaders Conclude Meetings with Congress, Call for Repeal of Decree 124

On October 4th and 5th, several hundred Indigenous leaders from all over Chile met with the Chilean Congress primarily to discuss the issue of consultation. The two-day event was called the National Parliamentary Meeting between Indigenous Peoples and the National Congress (Encuentro Nacional Parlamentario entre Pueblos Indígenas y el Congreso Nacional), and while little has been reported about what was accomplished thus far, it has come out that the Indigenous peoples banned together to ask for Congress’ assistance to repeal Decree 124 — the law that currently guides how consultation with Indigenous peoples functions in most circumstances. Continue reading

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Senate Annuls Vote that Requested Repeal of Decree No. 124 and Suspension of Consultation

On Thursday, August 12th, the Senate decided to annul a vote that was taken last week. The vote originally stated that the Senate would request President Piñera to repeal Decree 124 and suspend the national indigenous consultation process being undertaken by the Chilean government currently. The decision to annul the vote was based on the fact that one Senator — Senator García Ruminot (RN) — claimed his vote was counted in favor of the Senate agreement when, in fact, he was not present for the vote. Although the loss of Senator Ruminot’s vote would not alter the decision, the Senate decided they would hold a revote on the issue on Tuesday, August 16th. Continue reading

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Senate Agreement Requests Repeal of Decree No. 124 and Suspension of Consultation

On Wednesday, August 3rd, the Senate in Chile voted to approve an agreement requesting that the Chilean government repeal MIDEPLAN Decree No. 124, which seeks to regulate consultation, and to suspend the current national consultation process that the Government is undertaking with indigenous peoples.   Continue reading

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